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Posted on 09-27-2016

Want to Improve Athletic Performance? Start by Improving Sports Vision

You may have built your body into a finely tuned machine, with every muscle primed for success in your chosen sports activity -- so why are you still lacking that last degree of performance? The problem could be in how precisely you see the world around you. Athletes typically need quicker reaction times, better hand-to-eye-coordination and more accurate perceptions that the general population. Here are Boreing Vision Clinic, our techniques for improving sports vision can help you develop that extra degree of visual acuity.

Sports Vision: What you need to know in Lake Charles, LA

Even the tiniest imbalances or insufficiencies in your vision can impede your sports performance. This is perhaps most obvious in sports such as competitive shooting or archery, but it's equally true for a variety of other activities as well. Athletes may have trouble breaking through to the next level of excellence due to problems such as:

  • Undiagnosed nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia
  • An eye dominance problem such as ambylopia that impairs depth perception
  • Errors in eye teaming or convergence that affect focusing power or ability to track moving objects
  • Slow vision processing speeds that reduce reaction time and affect coordination

Any of these issues could make all the difference between where you are now as a competitor and where you'd like to be. Optimizing sports vision could therefore be the key to making great strides in your performance.

Sports Vision Testing and Therapies

Dr. Boreing and the rest of the team at our clinic can employ a wide range of sophisticated sports vision testing methods to isolate any problems that need to be addressed. Visual acuity testing using a Snellen eye chart can tell us whether you are seeing 20/20 (the normal standard for good vision) or 20/15 (the sharpest measurable vision). We can diagnose refractive errors at this stage and prescribe the appropriate vision correction. We can also check your eye alignment using the Hirschberg test, administer the Saladin Near Point Balance Card test to examine your eye teaming while also evaluating your eye dominance, reaction time and depth perception for any abnormalities.

Exercises for Optimizing Sports Vision

Various types of vision therapy can prove highly effective for optimizing sports vision. Eye dominance issues can be corrected via simple techniques such as eye patching to normalize your binocular vision. Specialized exercises can improve your focusing ability in one or more vision fields even if you don't suffer from an actual refractive error. Computerized simulator exercises can help you sharpen your visual processing, reaction time and hand-to-eye coordination. If your eyes need some extra help registering subtle contrasts in shades, we can fit you with tinted lenses that boost contrast levels.

Boreing Vision Clinic: Your Resource for Optimizing Sports Vision in Lake Charles

Optimizing sports vision in Lake Charles is just one of the many vision goals we can help you achieve here at Boreing Vision Clinic. Call 337-474-6161 to schedule sports vision testing!

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