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Whether it is for work, school, or entertainment purposes, today people of all ages are spending more and more hours a day looking at a digital screen. However, viewing a computer screen or any other device with a similar digital display requires your eyes to work much harder. Between screen contrast, flicker, glare, focusing the eyes at the same point for extended periods of time, as well as the eye adjustments required when moving from papers on the desk to looking back up at the screen, using a computer can be visually challenging.

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is the name given to a group of eye problems and vision-related symptoms caused by prolonged use of hi-tech digital screen devices such as computers, tablets, e-readers and cellular phones.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome, also referred to as digital eyestrain, may include:

  • Eye Irritation (dry eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes)
  • Double Vision
  • Blurred Vision
  • Headaches
  • Neck, shoulder, or back pain

Should these symptoms sound all too familiar, it is important to make an appointment for a comprehensive vision examination. If a diagnosis of computer vision syndrome is made, our office will prescribe a treatment plan to alleviate your visual symptoms and provide you with guidance for creating a healthier computer-viewing environment. First, we’ll make sure that your eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions are correct and suitable for using a computer. Some people who do not currently wear eyeglasses may be required to wear a special pair for computer use. Others who routinely wear corrective lenses may need a modified or separate prescription to work in front of a digital screen. To help ease your eyestrain, we also offer special lenses that block the blue light emitted by digital screens.

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