Sports Vision in Lake Charles

Sports Vision Care in Lake Charles

Enjoying your favorite recreational activities or engaging in competitive sports involves having the right equipment to protect you from injury and allow you to perform at your best. Our office can provide you with the latest designs and most comfortable, well-fitting eyewear to protect and enhance your vision while participating in your favorite sports.

Enhancing Performance

There is no reason for blurred vision, glare, or a lack of contrast between the ball and your environment to limit your performance on the playing field. Starting with your eyeglass prescription and then moving on to providing you with the best frames and lenses for your particular sport, we’ll make sure your vision is “peak performance” ready.

Protection from Impact Related Injury

Did you also know that simply by wearing appropriate eye protection approximately 90 percent of sports-related eye injuries can be prevented? These days as awareness of the connection between sports and eye trauma grows, it is becoming increasingly popular for athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages to use protective sports eyewear.

While your usual sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses may offer you some measure of eye protection, they are not durable enough to guard your eyes on the playing field and in certain recreational activities. Our wide selection of fashionable sports eyewear frames, lenses, and goggles are made of the most advanced materials to provide superior impact resistance and comfort.

Additionally, if your favorite sport or activity is enjoyed out-of-doors, we’ll make sure that beyond protection from impact-related injuries, your sports sunglasses or tinted goggles block harmful UV radiation from the sun.

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